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album: "Holding On When Moving On" (2015)
1. Things I Haven't Felt
2. Dear Lonely
3. Never In The Cards.
4. Drown
5. Home
6. Remnants (Of When I Felt Alive)
7. Still
8. Breaking In Halves
9. I Won't Forget You
10. Reaching To Both Ends
album: "All The Things You Don't Want To Say" (2013)
1. Twines
2. Loans
3. Better Homes
4. The New Plain
5. Oval Eyes / Instrumental
6. Christopher
7. These Weary Hands
8. Things I Can't See
EP: "Lost Lake & The Broken Bridge" (2012)
1. Lost Lake Pt. 1
2. Lost Lake Pt. 2
3. The Broken Bridge
4. Shallow Reflections
5. The Well
other songs:
Losing Your Exit

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