"What I Saw In The Waves" lyrics


"What I Saw In The Waves"

When fall arrived,
I stood up straight and walked right
And when the walls came down,
Over your mind,
You spoke to me,
That it's okay
I'll be fine,
That its over now,
It's all alright.
But I knew that this was a lie,
Your purchase couldn't outweigh
What came.
Words are empty,
Meaning nothing.
Cuz we're alone.
We still stand up tall,
Still try to fake.
We're just passing by,
Every chance,
We don't take.
We're lying now,
We're dying now.
And I saw hope in the waves,
But fear crept in and
Wouldn't let it stay
I still see her,
Those waves,
Let one catch my hand,
Pull me away

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