"I Think I'm Becoming My Insecurities" lyrics


"I Think I'm Becoming My Insecurities"

I think that I'm becoming my insecurities,
Because they're all I see,
When I look in the mirror,
I don't see me
I don't see, anything

Do you remember when I said you have nothing to fear,
When I'm near,
Well I'm here.
But I'm afraid,
That you aren't
Just another one etched in my heart.

You are nothing more than public art

Tell me I have nothing to fear,
That one day someone will be here,
Someone will be near, to me
Let me see something clear
Will Someone to show me the love that left you
Come running in, stumbling in

Say that they won't let the nothing that got the best of you
Won't take them too.

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