"Still" lyrics



I still feel
I still do
I remember what it was like to love you
Because I still do!
When I died inside of you
I died inside of me too.
But she still live here.
You still do.
You still move
From room to room.
Making a home
Of my bones.
But you're a ghost
And I'm, all alone.
I'm all alone.
I'm all alone.

Am I truly company?
You're the only thing beside me.
But I can't fell you here.
And I can't touch you anymore.

But I can taste the breath in dead lungs
Did nothing to show the way
That you're remains
Of what I can even write a name.
Because it still,
Brings so much pain!
It brings me so much pain
To even hear your name
It brings me so much pain.

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