"The Well" lyrics


"The Well"

Deep inside us all, there's a bottomless pit,
It's a well of emotion,
And a river runs through it
A current of experiences
That's levied by scars
That tell us how to react
They shows us who we are

and It goes on for miles,
From the depths of our beings,
From the core of us all
It's our everything

It's everything we hold dear
From the memories we cherish
To the things that we fear

And there's no difference between you and I
We all breathe the same air,
and see the same sky

We all have those times where we just want to give up and cry
We all have those times Where we just want to run, just want to hide

And there's no difference between one another
We are all the same in the end
We are all just looking for cover

And if I've learned anything,
It's that if I came to the point of suffering,
I know I would't change anything
And if you came to the point of suffering
You wouldn't change anything

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