"Lost Lake Pt. 2" lyrics


"Lost Lake Pt. 2"

Now back to lost lake,
Anthony has lost his mind,
It's obvious, that he has had all he could take,
But he's on a killing spree,
Hes bloodying Lost lake,
And he can't tell what's real, or what's fake,

Folks were coming out to see what was going on
what were the shoots all about,
where was the commotion even coming from?

They were cut down in a mans confusion,
In his sadness and in his fear.
And if you are quiet enough,
You might still be able to hear,

Them begging and crying, trying to make him see reason,
But the bloom of his mind, was far passed its own season,
The pain, the drugs, had all worked their magic,
And the result they made was far beyond tragic,

He saw no light, no clear silver lining,
he took their lives Within the strikes of the lightning,
He had no time in this blunder,
He blocked out the noise and
Just let the thunder,
Echo and echo,
Until he finally decided to put the gun to his temple,

He would be alright,
He would rejoin his wife,
He would be safe from the ghosts of the lake,
He would be safe from the spirits of the night,

and maybe this time he'd be able to get some sleep at night

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