"I Wish It Was My Fault" lyrics


"I Wish It Was My Fault"

I guess you remember what it was like to have me.
And you remember being happy.
But too bad you won't take me anyways.
I guess you decided that I was broken,
That you couldn't wear my name
Or let it even trail beside yours
You "didn't need me",
You "couldn't even use me",
That "love was better off without me",
And that you feel the same
I think maybe its time that I think the same.
The more I say it, the more I might mean it
But maybe not, my heart still drops,
At the thought, of your face.
And your name, trickles down,
And makes my edges round,
And soft, just the thought of your name.
I wish that mine still did the same.
When it came to your ears.
I almost wish that mine brought you tears.
Wish I actually did something.
Wish it wasn't just your pointless fears.
That made it die.
That made it hide.
I wish it was my fault.
And not the "nothing that kills."
I wish it wasn't all for nothing
I wish what was meant something
Love is something, but I am nothing.

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