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split EP: "Making A Midwesterner (The Brokedowns/Direct Hit!)" (2016)
Chemical Ability
split: "Direct Hit!/Hold Tight!" (2012)
1. Oregon Entrails
2. 53 Bodies
3. Decapitation By Shotgun
4. Drama Queen
5. Ankles Over The Brain
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split EP: "Jetty Boys/Direct Hit!" (2011)
3. Through The Windshield, Holding Hands
4. Say Whatever
split EP: "Direct Hit!/Tit Patrol" (2011)
1. Brain Surgery
2. Mutant Drunk
split EP: "Direct Hit!/Mixtapes" (2010)
1. Werewolf Shame
2. I Was A Teenage Poltergeist
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EP: "#3" (2009)
1. Failed Invasion
2. Mom & Dad
3. Hide The Body
4. They Came For Me
EP: "#1" (2008)
1. We Are Alone
2. Buy Me A Drink
3. Kingdom Come

Punk rock
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