"How, When & Why" lyrics


"How, When & Why"

I know it's a tad bit strange for the both of us
But a particular bother to me
Is that we both sit here pretending with the other
That there's nowhere that we'd both rather be

Well I remember staring up at your ceiling
Remember thinking what a waste of time
'Cause I've forgotten why I bothered to call you
And I've forgotten how when and why

There was a 6-pack lying in the back of the fridge
But all the bottles were as dry as a bone
I didn't care to share a single drop of any with you
The MD 20/20's yours all alone

And I remember stumbling through the party
And I remember dragging you up the stairs
And I remember falling down on the mattress
But for what happened next I wasn't prepared

I said come on baby girl
Do you wanna take the world over with me?

Thanks to xcarlupanddiex for these lyrics

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