"Oregon Entrails" lyrics


"Oregon Entrails"

Hands tied, feet bound, a gag in your mouth
Beaten, broken
I am the hatchet man

It's creeping in, I've gotta kill again
Show no mercy
You're gonna fucking bleed

My knife is sharp and shined
And now it's time to take your life
Move you to wrack and ruin
Peel away your worthless skin

I wrap my hands around your neck
Squeeze until you're out of breath
Let go just before you go
I'm not finished with you yet

I rip your fingernails off with a pair of pliers
I'm gonna torture you until your life expires

I cut your leg off at the knee
I beat you with my fist repeatedly
I plunge my blade into your gut
Your entrails spill out from the cut

Bleed out
Scrape the flesh from the bone

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