"More Of The Same" lyrics


"More Of The Same"

Hey now, I'm gonna kick back more of the same
You know that I don't need surprises anyway
I don't need you to tell me that it's the same
Or that I'm always gonna save it for another day

I'm gonna make a mess around here
My friends are all here, and I don't give a damn about it
Gonna aim for less around here
The press are all here, but I don't give a damn about it

I'm gonna kiss and tell around here
It's been a good year, but I don't give a damn about it
Gonna raise some hell around here, and make myself clear
Cause I don't give a damn about it

Let's get real, cause I'm not being artificial
You know I'm hard-headed, difficult and superficial
Don't know it even though I'm speaking unofficial
Take a number, tell me where I can forget I miss you

Shut up - I don't wanna hear a word about it
I don't wanna have to take the time to think about it
Fuck you, cause I really can't care less about it
Gonna ride this out today

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