"Arson Hero" lyrics


"Arson Hero"

Shut the fuck up, it's 1AM
And we'll be leaving in an hour or 2
I've been drinking since 3 yesterday
So I can 4get about what we're gonna do, yeah I've got
5 gallons of gas in the car
In tanks numbered 6, 7 and 8
910 is the building we stop, we'll burn the motherfucker today
Well 11's the apartment and 12 is the floor
And 13 is your unlucky date
Friday end of the week he laid off, another 14 people who say
(Fuck unemployment pay!)
Another 15 minutes we'll be heroes and then
We go and split the 16 beers in the car,
Watch the 17 stories collapse,
And feel like we're 18 again, so come on

I've got another 19 inches of fuse in the car
That should give us 20 seconds to run
We're only 21 blocks from the spot
Where 22nd is the 23rd one
Well there's 24 hours in the average day
But it'll feel like 25 by the end
The stress of well-laid plans can leave a 26 year old man
Feeling like he's 27 if he's gotta spend

Another day, another hour
In this crisis situation that you know we are in

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