"White Robes" lyrics


"White Robes"

In a minute we'll be isotopes in the air, floating out the windows
But you know thermodynamics will save us all when we merge in the atmosphere,
Becoming one consciousness
So have no fear, there's no reason to panic -
We'll hold each other as we rise to the heavens above from the woods
After all, it's true I love each and every single one of you
Release the doves, take a long drink from your cup

Cause the issue boys and girls is the solution

To the woods
We go - Bring your robe
I'll have the drinks, psychedelics, and the metronome -
We can all sing loud as the world explodes
You said your god's not wrong, so why did you ask him?
Don't you trust that the other side is life everlasting?
Wasn't that your song waking up every single day?
Nevermind, I don't believe you anyway

Cause in a minute we'll be isotopes all jumbled up
Doesn't that give you some hope that we can end up together?
Don't mind the look in our eyes or the fear in the air, just come along
In the forest we'll be fine out there
And sing a song for each other as we all just disappear

And it might feel like a trial and an execution
But the problem boys and girls is I don't have a solution

We can't get it out of our heads we can't get it

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