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EP: "Wintersun" (2012)
1. Tale Of A Seeker
2. Colours Did Not Exist In 1817 / Instrumental
3. I Am Doubt Defined
4. Endeavour
album: "Us; The Hollows" (2009)
1. Mirror, Mirror...
2. "Hello! I'm Noah!"
3. I'm The Captain Who Abandoned His Ship
4. Of Priest And Pretenders
5. Let's Hope It's Got A Happy Ending
6. A Home For The Homeless
7. Sherlock Holmes In A Swimsuit
8. Siblings
9. Among Hollow Heroes
10. Oh, Sherwood!
demo: "In The Deepest Of My Mind" (2004)
1. Now I see
2. The Bleeder
3. See You, See Me
4. Goodbye

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