"A Home For The Homeless" lyrics


"A Home For The Homeless"

What's the point of living, when it's living just for the sake of dying?
Empty handed we come and empty handed we go.
Still, richer is a newborn child naked and fragile than the poor man
Who wasted all his years on loving rocks and buying shallow love from the mass.
The humblehearted are richer living in the streets
Than the homeless in his living room thinking life is sleeping in golden sheets.
A humble heart knows that we're all wretched here.
A humble heart knows that you can't create meaning out of nothing.
There's got to be truth no matter how hard it is to find
And there's got to be life beyond the desires of our eyes.
If there's chaos there's got to be peace
And I'll never cease to be amazed that the words one spoke still gives me hope.

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