"Tale Of A Seeker" lyrics


"Tale Of A Seeker"

I was all alone, lost and afraid
Sinking like a stone in this sea called life

My mind was blank and my heart empty
The world around me had turned dark and cold
And the me I thought I knew,
Was fading away like the evening sun

But unlike it, it felt like I would never rise again

All my hope was dead and gone
Felt like my heart had lost its will to pound
Where would I turn? Would anyone see?
Would anyone hear me?

But then I heard the words, that will forever ring in my head:
You have my word, that through all this you're not alone
You're never alone
And you are here for a reason
Don't let this slip through your fingers

You have a choice

But to see yourself fade away in shattered dreams
No, that's not an option

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