"This Winter" lyrics


"This Winter"

Hold on, there's got to be more to a broken heart
how come our families are torn apart?
I tried to trace my steps back, and so I called for you
but for five long years you never answered once
I was just out for a walk on my own
but I think I lost my heart along the way
and now I've cried out for the third night in a row
so if you're out there, then come fill this void

So here's our chance let's leave this all behind
there is no time to hesitate tonight
come on in and see what no one else knows
break down these walls, doors swing open

It all starts with a willing heart,
break down these walls, doors swing open
I've found you my ocean, my purpose, my love

Rejoice, this winter will end.

Thanks to LeDrew L'Amour for these lyrics

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