"The Difference Between Bitterness And Good Memories" lyrics


"The Difference Between Bitterness And Good Memories"

It’s been a long time since I talked to you now.
I don’t even remember last time.
My heart is hollow and I’m scared.
I’ve turned my eyes away from you.
Falling into seas of sorrow, I ignore
your voice but you still whisper in my ears
and it keeps my spirit alive and you give me love.
And you’re still holding my hand.

Open my ears open my eyes.
Because these years are just fading away.

My heart is still alive.
My heart is still alive and I’m not ready to die.

There is no time left, there is no time to lose.
I will think this through twice this time.
I wish that I would have done that before
I turned my eyes away from you.
Because it was the worst mistake I’ve ever made.
Oh I wish that I could forgive myself and others.
Because it is the first step toward better times.

I’m falling into your arms like a lost child.
Crying over the mistakes and failings and
faults I’ve done a thousand times.
Feels like I never learn, but we all have to
learn by our mistakes and you, you open
my eyes again so I can see.

Thanks to LeDrew L'Amour for these lyrics

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