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album: "The Satellite Years" (2002)
1. Andromeda / Instrumental
2. Waitress
3. Dead In Magazines
4. Dana Walker
5. Decoys Like Curves
6. A Man Exits
7. Redshift / Instrumental
8. Only The Clouds
9. Escape Pod For Intangibles
10. The Bending
EP: "No Wings To Speak Of" (2001)
1. Open Hands To The Wind
2. April Left With Silence
3. The End Of An Era
4. The Far Pavilions
album: "The Frailty Of Words" (1999)
1. Shines Through
2. In Reflection
3. Endeavor
4. Lament / Instrumental
5. From Your Hands
6. Comfort
7. A Winter's Rose
8. A New Day
9. The Frailty Of Words / Instrumental
10. The Broken Heart Of A Traitor

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