"Drowning Potential" lyrics


"Drowning Potential"

Consent for needs and blistered love
Knowledge of, resulted from
So spaced out by spheres of color

You got potential with another
Settled for common man
You got potential

All my needs are shifting roles
All my earths are shifting worlds
All along subjectively involved

You got too careful with another
Settle for common man
You got potential
You got potential minus suffrage in your sleep

It's all withheld

Something's better
Time's illusion
I'm not my own
Falling in circles

It's called my soul
It sent me golden eyes
Sent for you, my love
Ominous circle

Function of an intercession
Nothing holds an enemy so old and unaware
That there's none to call hopes for

Center, I'm awake for
I'm not centered for my new world
Stare to find resolve
And I see all

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