"To Bloom" lyrics


"To Bloom"

Made unaware to then be led and segregated
Some of us are all for nothing but a home
And to feel It in our bones
Anti-hero of our own space
I guess the transmission Is gone

Just force yourself to wait
You settle for the face of an arbiter
Not tempered by fault if ever alone

Evers alone, falter through
You stare out Into something beautiful

When the honest save their own honorable souls
And to wait inside our hearts
Where amazement blooms

And to be inside our home
An escape pod for intangibles
A two moon endeavor

An incredible sun awaits
Where's your soul
You unprincipled, unintentional, good for less than

Downturn forces pressure
From where there's
Just this
Incredible threshold

When to make amends
With a forgotten nation
That I've never seen before

Never be known
Share our hopeless endeavor
Under far pavilions be known, antihero

When the honest save their own honorable souls
Where amazement Is to bloom
You'll be alone
The antihero of our own space

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