"Rx Contender The Pretender" lyrics


"Rx Contender The Pretender"

We think they got how they wanted to feel
Then feel discovered five minutes 'til wedlock,
All the mirrors were cracking
The suns setting
Bring out the rum
We heard that brownnosing bridesmaid
She said that someone's second guessing
So I bring out the rum
This love is a reaction to indifference

Angels pass this over like some biblical falling out

In sensing something socially mechanical
Who's playing angles
When sometimes things are held to clinical
Bullshitters, that (we) say there's two types
Of men who chase their lovers
The one who cries and the one who's too stubborn

We think we're getting how we want to feel
And in no way will it suffer
We're still drinking
So bring out the rum
They're going to show us a good time
With or without a ceremony
Bring out the rum!
Some love is a devotion to indifference

We're verified by a number
You're talking to a failure
We buccaneered our mild manners just to be here

What you don't believe or see now you will no later
I idolize this man that you will know later
We got a ways to go before we idolize this man
I think we should go because I'm sensing something...

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