"A New Day" lyrics


"A New Day"

In the bright morning my courage falls weak
No excuse for my actions, no where to run
Consequence comes like raining fire,
Burning every part of me... showing no mercy
The day that I thought would never come, has arrived
Here I lay, a victim of my own decisions
I've exchanged the wisdom of God for selfish pride...
Thus my down fall
My appreciation is laced within apologies,
For not becoming Your plan
Grace is where I lay
My head for this is where the angels sit...
And she spreads her silver wings
To offer shade for my pale skin
From the blinding sun of consequence
Nowhere to run, but to Your arms in all my shame...
Reconciled as I weather the storm, I fall to the ground
I look to the sky, then His hand reaches for me...
Alas a new day my appreciation is laced within apologies
I'll never understand this grace bestowed upon me...
Alas a new day

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