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album: "Welcome To The Real World" (1988)
Do A Runner
Mouth An' Trousers
Ten Years
We'll Take 'em On
album: "Saturday's Heroes" (1985)
1. Spanish Jails
2. All Out Tonight
3. Never Be Taken
4. Shout It Out
5. Harder Life
6. Frontline
7. Foreign Girl
8. Nothing Can Stop Us
9. Freedom
10. Saturdays Heroes
11. Drinking And Driving
12. Hurry Up Harry / Bonus Track
13. Get Out Of My House / Bonus Track
14. Outlaw / Bonus Track
15. Coventry / Bonus Track
album: "Suburban Rebels" (1983)
1. Get Out While You Can
2. Blind Justice
3. Work Or Riot?
4. The Employers Blacklist
5. Nobody Listened
6. Suburban Rebels
7. Mortgage Mentality
8. Guttersnipe
9. Real Enemy
10. Another Rebel Dead
11. Sabotage The Hunt
12. Harry May
13. Drinking And Driving
14. Smash The Discos
15. Disco Girls
16. Dayo
17. Loud Proud 'N' Punk

Punk rock
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