"Nothing Can Stop Us" lyrics


"Nothing Can Stop Us"

Darkened streets late at night
The boys are getting ready to go
Fifteen strong you’d better get away
gonna be a hell of a show
Bottles and bricks, hammers and sticks,
They’re looking out for you

Panic in the air people running scared
A device that’s ready to blow
An outlaw gang with nothing to lose,
the law don’t wanna know
Banner in hand, gonna make a stand,
They’re looking out for you

Backstreet boys gonna hit the town tonight
(Can’t stop us you can’t stop us)
Backstreet boys gonna set the town alight
(Can’t stop us you can’t stop us)
Nothing can stop us now nothing can stop us now

Word is out a race is on, showdown time today
Know your name they know your face you gotta get away
Time for fun, time to run
They’re looking out for you

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