"Don't Cry 4 Us Argentina" lyrics


"Don't Cry 4 Us Argentina"

Oh what a night in Sappro
We wiped that smile right off your face Diego
So don't worry Argentina
God might have his hands free
For your next game but you aint got no money.

Don't cry for me the bulldog biting back
1~~ 0 to the English boys so what do you think of that .

Liaring cheating scheming bunch of dress wearing poofs
Who"ve taken more dives than a prostitutes muff
The hand of god is the foot of Beckham
Igess thats no mean feat its nice to see
One thing god dosnt cheat .

Dont cry 4 me Argentina
The truth is we never loved u
All through your wild days
Your mad existence
We kept the Falklands
You kept your distance

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