"Get Your Tits Out" lyrics


"Get Your Tits Out"

Ever since I was eight years old
I was a fan of the centrefold
Girl's good looking, she's got class
Stick my cock right up her arse
Me mate's doing time or so I heard
So I'm going round there to shag his bird
Don't like oral makes her sick
Never mind slag get on my dick
Come on the heat I'm a sex machine
I'm a really going down like a submarine
Girl next door she just don't care
Gonna get buried in her pubic hair
She's got long legs and wears pink socks
I've had my tongue right up her box
I know some nice wenches, some pretty maids
You gotta be careful you don't catch AIDS
Get them home and back to their place
Get them upstairs and come in their face...
Bend me, break me, any way you take me
All you've gotta do is masturbate me!

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