"Ten Years" lyrics


"Ten Years"

Mr. Rock 'N' Roll you look so right
with your clothes so dark and you hair so bright
Hanging round The Ship and the West End clubs
With the Midnight Boys and The Marquee mugs
Talking 'bout budgets and studio costs
With the has beens won't be's and they're all lost
Want to be like all the poseurs you meet
Let's teach you a lesson 'bout life on street

'Cos we're The Business from Lewisham
And it's ten years and we're still standing here
You'll never beat us
Ten years and we're still standing here
You'll never stop us

Guest lists and points for fixing the deal
But the paper means nothing if the cash ain't real
The Limelight The Slimelight The Alley Tin Pan
All the talk in the world and you ain't got a fan
It's all down to tak if the record's a flop
Your head is so empty the penny won't drop
So out of touch with realities beat
You'll never be part of life on the street

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