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album: "LP III" (2005)
1. Multiply And Divide
2. Paranoia! Cha-Cha-Cha
3. Middle Of The Night
4. Whoa!
5. (Do) The Stagger
6. You Should Know
7. What Did I Do?
8. Roller Girls
9. Together
10. Thinking Of You
11. Hanging Up The Phone
12. How Do You Like That
13. Photograph
14. Gotta Decide
split EP: "The Soviettes/The Valentines" (2002)
1. Matt's Song
2. Sixty Days
3. Latchkey
4. Sunday A.M.
5. The Nine To Life
EP: "TCCP" (2002)
1. Hot Sauced And Peppered
2. In The Red
3. Go Lambs Go!
4. Sandbox

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