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You're in a band, you wanna play; drums, guitar, add a bass. Isn't that okay? You heard our tape. It's not your thing. I guess we don't fit your scene. Don't care what you say! Why do you wanna play that game? I guess you're never gonna chage! Were never friends - what's your name? Well it turns out we're the same. Why were you suprised? You were there by mistake. I never thought our shit would take. Someone's in disguise. We've had enough (enough) of playing games and now we know (we know) each other's names. Stay the same...You don't need to change. Whosays that hardcore don't mix with punk rock bands, who don't mix with pop punk bands, who don't mix with indie rock bands, who don't mix with rock and roll bands, who don't mix with girl rock bands, who don't mix with with your garage band.. who set the rules down?

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