"Ten" lyrics



Ah, ooh, ah, oh, ah, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh
Ah, ooh, ah, oh, ah, oh
Hey! Hey! Hey!

1. Because you're funny
2. You're not too fat
3. You never stand up to take anybody's crap
Well, 4. You think I'm sexy!
5. You're never late
Well, 6. You always think up the most interesting dates, yeah!

I always knew why I'll count off ten
You always know why, so count off ten
Who needs to know why, let's count off ten
We know we live by, we'll count off ten

7. You're the best
8. You're mostly right
9. You bring home movies and good ice cream late at night, yeah
It's fun to be there, the popcorn pops! And
10. Because I'd do it over again!

So count off ten [x4]

So count off ten
So count off ten
So count off ten
So count off ten
We'll count off 9.
So count off ten

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