"Photograph" lyrics



It's been a while since the letter
but you still got this photograph
and everyday that goes by
she thinks "boy are you coming back?"
she broke down last night
but her friends say it's too soon to think like that
it feels like the hoping and waiting will bring on a heart attack
Every morning she wakes up and she stares at that photograph
She crossed her fingers in hopes it will bring him back home at last
She's back on the phone, but they say there's too much of a waiting list
he's left you behind and alone
she thinks "boy, I can't handle this"

Is there a next time?
about the last time...
was there enough attention?
and does he know she loves him?
she saw them coming
she felt her heart break
she got the message
you know the one that says that he's never coming back

Thanks to kr!s for these lyrics

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