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EP: "Rat Race" (2013)
1. The Paddington Frisk
2. Radiate
3. Rat Race
album: "Common Dreads" (2009)
1. Common Dreads
2. Solidarity
3. Step Up
4. Juggernauts
5. Wall
6. Zzzonked
7. Havoc A
8. No Sleep Tonight
9. Gap In The Fence
10. Havoc B
11. Antwerpen
12. The Jester
13. Halcyon (Intro)
14. Hectic
15. Fanfare For The Conscious Man
album: "Take To The Skies" (2007)
1. Stand Your Ground; This Is Ancient Land
2. Enter Shikari
3. Mothership
4. Anything Can Happen In The Next Half An Hour
5. Interlude
6. Labyrinth
7. No Sssweat
8. Today Won't Go Down In History
9. Interlude
10. Return To Energizer
11. Interlude
12. Sorry You're Not A Winner
13. Interlude
14. Jonny Sniper
15. Adieu
16. Ok, Time For Plan B
17. Interlude
demo EP: "Sorry You're Not A Winner" (2003)
1. Sorry You're Not A Winner
2. When A Jealous Man Finds A Gun
3. The Bearer Of Bad News
4. Empty
demo EP: "Nodding Acquaintance" (2003)
1. Nodding Acquaintance
2. Score 22
3. Frozen Landscape
other songs:
Acid Nation / "Take To The Skies" B-Side
All Eyes On The Saint
Call Me Maybe
Keep It On Ice / "Take To The Skies" B-Side
Kickin' Back On The Surface Of Your Cheek / "Take To The Skies" B-Side
The Feast / "Take To The Skies" B-Side
We Can Breathe In Space, They Just Don't Want Us To Escape

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