"The One True Colour" lyrics


"The One True Colour"

As one child is taught red on his mother's knee - the one true colour
A neighbor is taught blue on his mother's knee - the one true colour
With a fervour inherited, it will be subsequently delivered
Ignore the spectrum

Dear whom it may concern,

I feel as though I'm about to crash and burn
I think I'm falling and there's no return
But I've no idea to whom this may concern
I'm looking out at all the stars and I learn
There's no one up above to hear me yearn
I'm on my own

In the arena of the endless unknown
Do not stage theatre and call it truth
And when one child is taught red on his mother's knee
It must be subsequently delivered
With all of the spectrum

Someone has whipped the carpet from beneath my feet
Someone upturned the furniture in my mind
But oh how rich the soil
How wondrous the upheaval
It's time to embark...

To dissect is to broaden the adventure
And enrich one's tenure
So do not blunt the surgeon's knife

There's so much to explore; there's so much to absorb
And then the atoms that you borrowed
They are returned to the cosmos
They are returned when you're...

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