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There was a house in a field on the side of a cliff
And the waves crashing below
Were just said to be a myth
So they ignored the warnings
From the ships in the docks
Now the house on the cliff
Is the wreckage on the rocks

Nothing could fix the buildings flawed foundation
The scaffolding and stilts
Were the laws and legislation
This house was doomed, but they didn't care
They'd invested in the system that was beyond repair

When I was little...
I dressed up as an astronaut and explored outer space
I dressed up as a superhero and ran about the place
I dressed up as a fireman and rescued those in need
I dressed up as a doctor and cured every disease

It was crystal clear to me back then
That the only problems that I could face,
Would be the same problems that affect us all
But of course this sense of common existence
Was sucked out of me in an instance
As though from birth I could walk but I was forced to crawl

So this is such an exciting time to be alive
Our generations got to fight to survive
It's in your hands now, whose future?
Our future

Thanks to Lemon Lime for these lyrics

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