"Pack Of Theives" lyrics


"Pack Of Theives"

Here behind those eyes
There is something you should know

Change cannot be subject to conditional falls
'Cos we're squatting in a system
That consistently stalls
Don't be fooled into thinking
That a small group of friends
Cannot change the world

That's the only thing that ever has
Stand Up

Behind those eyes
We reach through their callous disguise
Into fortresses where they fabricate
Whitewash and lies
We're all fooled into living
With a small pack of thieves
That distort the world

That's what this antique structure creates
Stand Up

We are all connected
We are all collected here
Now change the world

We blast behind those eyes
Smash through to the cortex
Gut wrenching business
Caught off guard
Not psyched for the vortex
This can't be real!

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