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album: "The Price Of Progression" (2001)
1. The Spark
2. Black Clouds Vs. Silver Linings
3. While The Iron Is Hot
4. Lesser Of Two
5. Absolute Zero / Instrumental
6. Grasping At Straws
7. Foot In Mouth As An Artform
8. Everything You Ever Love
9. Slow Burn
10. Never Go Home Again
11. How To Bleed
12. The May Conspiracy
13. 33 1/3
14. Cast In Shadows
15. Stay Warm
16. Sworntosecrecy / Instrumental
17. File Under Misunderstood
EP: "Ensign" (1996)
1. Alzheimers
2. Pale Horse
3. Trying Again
4. Enemy Of My Enemy

Hardcore punk
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