"Unanswered" lyrics



My hands are outstretched
My fingers rub my eyes
My hands are outstretched
My fingers rub my eyes
I, I stand defiant
My questions remain unanswered
I, I ask you why
Is this the way things have to be
We love within the shadow of loss
And cling to memories
We fight not to let go
Of those that have already gone away
Beyond reason, beyond our understanding
We wish for the things we can no longer have
Where is the reason
I, I see the reason
Why is there no second chance
Where is the sense in all of this
So much we never said, that goes unspoken
If anything we're taught to
Taught to see through
Through the bitterness
That every moment and every word means something
And in the end
In the end, in the end
In the end it means something

Thanks to Steve Tsotras for these lyrics

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