"Black Clouds Vs. Silver Linings" lyrics


"Black Clouds Vs. Silver Linings"

and we fall

I feel your cold hard stare
and I can't find a rock to crawl beneath
it's all been said before
still we mimic, still we mime
it's all been done before
this won't be the last time

and where I was
when I swore that I'd never leave your side
has somehow slipped away
betrayed by my reason
destroyed by passion

why is it when I'm sitting here pen in hand,
hand to head, head to wall
I can't make these words form line after line
pour my soul on paper for the last time

these waters rage against me
the tempest grows
I feel my footing start to go
who will be there when the current drags me down

I absolve you from all responsibility
I absolve you from all responsibility
this time it's just me

Thanks to JesXe for these lyrics

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