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album: "It All Comes Down To This" (1999)
1. Fuck What You Heard
2. Struck Down By Me
3. Untitled
4. The Paint Chips Away
5. My Cross To Bear
6. What Makes Us Strong
7. Can We Start Again
8. I Once Was Blind
9. Untitled
10. Place In The Sun
11. Her Lucky Pretty Eyes
12. A Bridge Too Far / Instrumental
EP: "Holding This Moment" (1998)
1. In Pieces
2. Count Me Out
3. Both Guns Blazing
4. Superhero
5. At Best
6. Scared
7. Forked Tongue
8. Every Effort Made
9. Lay The Blame
other songs:
Enjoy / from "Ten Years Plus" EP

Hardcore punk
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