"At Best" lyrics


"At Best"

Searching, sifting, dying to find the worst in everything around you.
All that's wrong is all that you fuckin' see
because its all that you look for.
But you won't wallow in your doom alone
you've got to ruin it for everyone.
With words that belittle the situation
and rape each moment of its potential.
I'm not saying to go through life blindly.
I know that things don't go right all of the time.
But at best - I am going to try to find, at best
a way to make it through the haze, at best
I'm gonna leave your words behind, so I can get on with my day.
It only takes a little bit of effort,
to open up your eyes and see,
that this life is so fucking short
but still let each day of it get the best of you,
instead of the other way around.
Someone has killed the child in you,
and now this life has got you beat.

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