"Final Backwards Glance" lyrics


"Final Backwards Glance"

Right here right now
It's never felt more real than this
Right here right now
The depths of my heart

I've been abandoned my whole life
Sad songs, early deaths
Bones piled to my knees
It's always been the minor-chords for me

So if it's the last scene
Make it a bloody scene
Because when I die
I want it to be because someone hates me
With every fiber of their being

I won't carry you in my heart
You are my heart
My everywhere and everything
The walls I'll climb and the wars I'll fight
Loved you in the deepest way
Became the man who I am today
You made me feel just like a hammer
In a world lined with nails

I'm not walking away from here
With a bunch of things I still need to declare
A wasted life is worse than death
It's up to you to figure out the rest

This is my final backward glance
I've never been much good at saying goodbye


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