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split: "BYO Split Series, Vol. II (Swingin' Utters/Youth Brigade)" (1999)
7. Where Are All The Old Man Bars
8. Fuck You
9. Alright Then
10. Reason Why
11. It's Not Like That Anymore
12. Let Them Know
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EP: "What Price Happiness?" (1984)
1. What Price Happiness?
2. Where Are We Going?
3. Who Can You Believe In?
album: "Sound & Fury" (1982)
1. Fight To Unite
2. Treachery
3. The Circle
4. Boys In The Brigade
5. Alienated
6. You Don't Understand
7. Brigade Song
8. Full Force
9. Sound & Fury
10. Something's Gonna Change
11. Confusion
12. Violence
13. On The Edge

Punk rock
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