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EP: "Taking The Long Way" (2010)
1. Taking The Long Way
2. Young Crumb Follower
3. Effortless Amnesiac
EP: "Brand New Lungs" (2010)
1. Brand New Lungs
2. Lepers, Thieves And Whores
3. Forward To Fun
split: "BYO Split Series, Vol. II (Swingin' Utters/Youth Brigade)" (1999)
1. Angels Pissing On Your Head
2. You Haven't Seen Yourself In Years
3. Mother Of The Mad
4. The Courage Of A Younger Pope
5. Troubador
6. '39
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album: "More Scared: The House Of Faith Years" (1996)
1. Strongman
2. Reggae Gets Big In A Small Town
3. Smoke Like A Girl
4. Lazer Attack
5. Politician
6. Nine To Five
7. Could You Lie?
8. Mommy Mommy
9. Scared
10. No Eager Men
11. Petty Wage
12. Hello Charlatan
13. Proven Song
14. These Pretty Pleasures
15. Mr. Norris
16. Here We Are Nowhere
other songs:
Back To You
I Follow / from "Fat Music Vol. V" Compilation
No Grooves In Gunsight
Not Your Savior
Nothing To Rely On
Tomorrow Is Not New
Where Are They Now? / from "I've Got My Friends" Compilation

Punk rock
Folk punk
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