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album: "Fear Of A Punk Planet" (1990)
1. Pizza Tran
2. The Rodge
3. Join Us For Pong
4. Hey Holmes!
5. Girls Turn 18 Every Day
6. Kill My Tenant
7. Summer Lovin'
8. The Day Farrah Fawcett Died
9. Anti
10. Teenage Idol
11. Small Wonder
12. Phone Machine
13. China Town / Bonus Track
14. Working For The Man / Bonus Track
15. Kokomo / Bonus Track
album: "When In Rome Do As The Vandals" (1984)
1. Lady Killer
2. Bad Birthday Bash
3. Master Race (In Outer Space)
4. Big Brother Vs. Johnny Sako
5. Mohawk Town
6. Viking Suit
7. Hocus Pocus
8. I'm A Fly
9. Slap Of Love
10. Airstream
11. Rico

Punk rock
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