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EP: "Jacob The Rabbit" (2014)
1. Lepus Fugam
2. The Infection Of El-Ahrairhah
3. Tickling The Dragon's Tail
album: "Building A Better _____" (2006)
1. The Trophy Wife
2. Mississippi Burning
3. Who Is Aliandra
4. Angles And Errors
5. A Message
6. Chica Chica
7. La Amoureux
8. Irukandji
9. Intro
10. Hide And Seek
11. A Message / Acoustic Version, Hidden Track
album: "No Signal" (2001)
1. The Ghost You Are
2. Trivet
3. S Is For Susan
4. At Breakneck Speed
5. Swell
6. Know Your Enemy
7. Clue Me In
8. Wreck Simple
9. Here On And Out
10. Cover Up
11. [Untitled] / Hidden Track
EP: "Random And Scattered" (1999)
1. Nice Night For A Fist Fight
2. If You Could Concentrate
3. How To Revive
4. Racing A Train
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