"Know Your Enemy" lyrics


"Know Your Enemy"

as useless as i am
i have little left to give
take me out tonight
don't forget your jacket
bring it with the rest of you
ill be the one on the left
coughing up
any at best
waiting for your signal
a sound that's like your broken eyes
keeps following me
for hours on end
i try to pretend
this never happened
like the blind feeling for lines
both hands caught up in your hair again
and i fell out
you picked me up
broke in two
right where i left off
we're just enough alike
to make it worth your while
that should keep you smiling
i'll be the boy in the bed
hoping you'll just pass me up
move on to the next one
a night that's like your broken sigh
keeps following me
for days on end
i stretch and bend
how did i let this happen

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