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album: "All This Time" (2012)
1. I Wanna Be Like You
2. Banks
3. All This Time
4. Stay Home
5. That's Why
6. Oded
7. Over Night
8. True Illness
9. Tunnel
10. Box
11. Modern Slavery
12. Operation Running
13. This Is Revealing
14. (Poisoned Water) Bunnies
15. Darling
16. The Question Came Up
EP: "Nā€‹.ā€‹Oā€‹.ā€‹T On Tour" (2011)
1. Did You Get Enough
2. Journey To The Ocean
3. Just Forget It
4. Dirty Envelopes
5. Puke
6. 90% Out
7. TV
8. Fine

Punk rock
Hardcore punk
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