"Wake, Work, Sleep" lyrics


"Wake, Work, Sleep"

Head over water just enough to suck air
Cement in my shoes pulling me where
Sharks and sea creatures await their prey
But I'm gonna live to see another day

Just want to play in a punk band
Just want to go skate with my friends
But I'm caught on a wheel in a rat race

The daily grind is on my case again
We've got to work until we lose ourselves
And even though it's wake work sleep
I'm gonna find a way to make ends meet

I'm a crowd pleasure but I've got free will
And just a few daily hours of time to kill
This is my battle, this is my war
Out to fight burnout to the very core

I want to leave it all behind and go
Across the world just to play a show
One life, I've got to live it
While they expect me to keep give, give, givin'
I say that's it, I say no more

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