"When You're Dead" lyrics


"When You're Dead"

Since he was a little boy, no-one seemed to care about him
The boy was all alone and no-one talked to him
The day he became 24, he disappeared and no-one cared
It started to smell in a couple of months, found him hanging in his flat

Then the competition began
About who was his closest friend...

[Chorus 2x:]
Everyone...everyone loves you when you are dead...when you are dead
Do you really care when you're six feet under the ground...

Since the day they found him dead, everyone seems to care
They tell each other they are so sad, don't even knew his name
You feel so bad because you did not care but now it is too late
Face the fact, you did not like him at all - I promise he don't care, anymore

Still the competition begins
About who was his closest friend...

[Chorus 4x]

Thanks to coopahhh for these lyrics

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